Steps To Take The Coast Guard Aviation Program

The following are opinions from soldiers regarding the Coast Guard Aviation program: “My questions are kind of difficult. I’ve talked to many different recruiters, and retirees. My goal is to fly in the coast guard, I want to fly Jayhawks or dolphins prefibly, but I will really fly anything and work my way there. I am very interested in joining CSPI, but I am not sure if my school qualifies.. I think the minority rate is close, and I hope it does.” “I planned on CSPI, OCS, and then blue 21 if I can. I also wanted to know the chances of becoming a pilot are, and what path there is the most efficient. Also, would joining another branch of the military, and then going direct commission into flight be easier. And if so what branch would be the best.””Take your education more seriously than you take your grammar and you may go somewhere. Flying is serious business, steps cannot be overlooked, (like the absence of caps and punctuation)… many people read these interviews, keep it squared away. You have to get selected to two programs if you go through another branch first (the first service then the second). Plus flying in the other services isn’t exactly a cake walk. Additionally, you may get stuck in a stop loss and not be allowed to leave the other service. So easy is not a word I would use.””Don’t you all think that it would be easier given our young lads experience, to get into say, Army aviation as a warrant than the CG aviator program? When I was in, if you were a pilot in another branch of service, it was a lot easier to get into CG Aviation. Course things change. Look at the information on CSPI. To find out if your school qualifies for CSPI. When you follow the link you will find out Embry Riddle does not meet the minimum 25% minority requirement. I don’t remember CSPI having a minority minimum for the program. I would double check on that, the website might be wrong.””When I was attending Riddle (99-03) I was in the CG reserves and I personally know two people that where accepted into the CSPI program. Well, only about 40% of CG aviators are prior aviators so 60% are home grown CG. So by numbers alone, you have a better shot going the CG route. Additionally, the DCAs are competing against other pilots and there are very few boards a year. One or two only so again, define easy. Any way you go it is difficult, just a different barrier to face.””CSPI does not guarantee Flight School. Only Blue 21 and Avcad (for Active Duty Members) do. Blue 21 is a different route to get accepted to OCS and guaranteed Aviation. You cannot go from CSPI to OCS and then Blue 21. You would have to apply for CSPI, attend OCS, and then submit a request to Flight School. Or you could just apply to Blue 21, but you would have to change to a school with a 25% minority population. There is also AVCAD for Active Duty Members. I am not quite sure how it works, but if you Google “Coast Guard OCS Portal” there is information on that message board about AVCAD.””You look into the Army Warrant Officer Program. They have a 6 year commitment after Flight School, and you may be able to lateral over to the Coast Guard after you complete your six year commitment and until you are age 34. I believe the Navy may also have a Warrant Officer Program, but it might be for Active Duty members only. You can learn a lot more by looking around, the OCS Portal, and even the USCG website.” Aviation Attorneys.

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