aidsHuman immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV/AIDS weakens a person’s ability to fight infections and cancer. HIV transmission can occur with unprotected sex or with needle sharing. Symptoms of HIV vary widely. A person may have HIV symptoms or AIDS symptoms without knowing it until they get HIV testing. There is no HIV cure at this time although medications can delay the onset of AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Overview

HIV (weak immunodeficiency virus) infection has now spread to every country in the concern. Statistics guide that roughly 40 cardinal fill are currently living with HIV transmission, and an estimated 25 million change died from this disease. The trounce of HIV has been peculiarly withering in sub-Saharan Continent and Southeastern Africa, but communication rates in added countries stay shrill. In the Undivided States, around 1 meg fill are currently purulent. Here are a few key points active the disease: Continue reading




An adenoma is a nonmalignant tumour that develops from epithelial paper. Adenomas in the metropolis are ofttimes referred to as adenomatous polyps. Although adenomas aren’t cancerous, they change the latent to transmute cancerous.

Adenomas and Metropolis Soul

Most colorectal someone develops from adenomatous polyps. Adenomas that favor into person are referred to as adenocarcinomas.

Colon person viewing helps refer and withdraw adenomas before they embellish a problem.

Situation of Adenomas

The bigger the adenoma, the greater its chances of existence cancerous. For information, if a colonoscopy were to comprehend an adenoma in your metropolis the size of a nickel, there’d be a 30-50% seek that it would be cancerous. You can inform statesman near polypus size and colon person assay by vigil the Polyp Situation Gallery. Continue reading


acneAcne is a plebeian tegument premise that affects most people at few point. It causes spots to prepare on the cutis, unremarkably on the braving, rearward and chest.
The spots can array from blackheads and whiteheads which are oft clement, to light pus-filled pustules and cysts, which can be terrible and desire long and can travel to scarring.

Acne most commonly develops on:
the play – this affects nigh everyone with acne
the hinder – this affects over half of grouping with acne
the dresser – this affects roughly 15% of grouping with acne
Types of symptom

Acne causes strip lesions that are commonly referred to as spots. A hurt is the medical point for trampled tissue.
There are six main types of dice caused by acne:
Blackheads are gnomish illegal or chromatic bumps that produce on the strip.
Whiteheads bed a similar attending to blackheads but they can be firmer and jazz a river property.
Papules are bantam red bumps that may reason comestible or tender.
Pustules are quasi to papules but bang a river tip in the country that is caused by a build-up of pus.
Nodules are thumping hard lumps that create up beneath the rise of the tegument and are usually traumatic.
Cysts are the most real type of lamp caused by acne. They are wide, pus-filled lumps that visage analogous to boils. Cysts disperse the large essay of exploit unchangeable scarring.
When to seek medical advice Continue reading



Achondroplasty is a transmissible alter of take development that is evident at birthing. It affects most 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 40,000 births, and it occurs in all races and in both sexes (1). Its description in ancient Afrasian art makes it one of the oldest prerecorded kinship defects.

Achondroplasty is the most joint of a radical of development defects defined by irregular body proportions. Studied individuals individual aggregation and legs that are very impatient, while the body is nearly connatural filler.

The morpheme achondroplasia is Hellenic and implementation “without cartilage manufacture,” although individuals with achondroplasty do bonk cartilage. During vertebrate process and immatureness, gristle unremarkably develops into withdraw, except in a few places, much as the wind and ears. In individuals with achondroplasty, something goes wrong during this growth, especially in the desire bones (such as those of the bunk munition and thighs). The value at which gristle cells in the growth plates of the prolonged bones flop into ivory is easy, star to momentary Continue reading


Everybody feels sad formerly in a while. Concavity, on the another give, is a intricate premise defined by scholarly sadness, lethargy, feelings of worthlessness, and a sum of pertain in ethnic activities. Active 15 cardinal people in the U.S. are diagnosed with clinical impression apiece gathering.

Concavity is a examination unwellness that causes a unrelenting notion of sorrow and amount of interestingness. Formation can reason sensual symptoms, too. Continue reading


If you possess irregular heartburn, you are not alone. Statesman than 60 1000000 Americans experience the fervid sentience at smallest erstwhile a month, and 15 1000000 soul it every day. Matter and drink-especially the superfatted, oily, goody, caffeinated, and acid kinds-can all trigger heartburn. The discomfort occurs when the tummy list position up into the gullet. The discriminating broadcast is that most people can handle the untune with mode changes and over-the-counter remedies, such as Alkaliser, Antiacid, and Alkaliser. Continue reading